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TRG the Residential Group Realty Property Management

Our qualified Property Management team will help you make smart, cost conscious decisions that will increase monthly rental income. Rest assured your property is in good care. Our combined experience and knowledge in the Vancouver Housing Market and our direct contact with potential renters help us to maximize rental income and minimize vacancy loss. Our professional on-going service to our Corporate Accounts guarantees their business. We are rated among the highest in the Corporate Human Resources Offices of our Suppliers.

  • We don’t just provide Property Management Services, we specialize in it.
  • Expect to receive professional, prompt, and courteous service.
  • Be one of the thousands of rental properties we represent
  • Minimize vacancy loss through our existing client base and effective marketing.

All of our properties are showcased to achieve the best rental rate in the current market. It is essential for a property to be exposed to the largest market in the shortest time. We are setting industry standards in internet marketing. All of our Property Management ads are Search Engine Optimized to maximize traffic and ensure that your property is found before hundreds of others. Some of our highly effective marketing techniques include signs, online ads as well as open houses.

Our team maintains good relationships with tenants to ensure good contact, low turnover, and friendly access to scheduled showings. Tenants are in contact with our office on a daily basis. When there is a problem with the suite, our team of licensed professionals are dedicated to making sure that we handle it promptly, and in the best interest of our clients. After 25 years in the industry, we have seen it all, and that wealth of knowledge is shared with even our most junior employees.

Our services include:

For all Property Management owners:

  • Advertising
  • Showing property to prospective tenants
  • Checking of credit references of prospective tenants
  • Arranging and coordinating of moving in and moving out
  • Arranging and coordinating of cleaning services as required
  • Arranging and coordinating of repairs and maintenance as required
  • Collecting rent on behalf of the owners and depositing it to the trust account of  TRG The Residential Group Realty
  • Making disbursements on behalf of the owners as directed (e.g. strata fees, utilities, property taxes, insurance, repairs and maintenance, no-resident income tax where applicable.
  • Remit net rent amounts (gross rent after disbursements) to the owner’s account
  • Provide monthly statements of receipts and disbursements to the owners

For non-resident property owners:

  • Filing applications for non-resident tax withholding based on net rents, form NR6 , to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), if directed by the owners
  • Remit non-resident income tax payments to Canada Revenue Agency, if applicable.
  • Prepare and complete  NR4 returns to CRA

We strive to deliver great customer service, which is defined by communication. We keep our owners up to date, ensuring that they are properly informed about:

  • current leases
  • anticipated vacancies
  • upcoming strata meetings
  • monthly invoices
  • all correspondences.

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